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handle with care

Sophie Jacome
50 min
Total: 4
Female: 4

​We meet Julia -pregnant, heartbroken, soaking wet-  locked in conversation with her fractured self and reliving the memories that led her to this point. Running through her mind are questions of identity, sexuality, and ownership of the self. Again and again we circle back to the single image of her at the top of a great staircase and wondering whether this is it.

​'handle with care' was written as part of an MSc Playwriting portfolio under supervision at the University of Edinburgh. It had a multi-day professional workshop in Scotland, and was revised under the guidance of playwright Nicola McCartney.

Name: Sophie Jacome
Phone: +447983383189
Email: sophie.jacome1997@gmail.com
Website: https://sophiejacome1997.wixsite.com/sophie