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The PARC Playwright Profile for January 2018

January 09, 2018

Malcolm Murray is a philosopher, fiction writer, and playwright. A collection of his plays, The Philosopher and Other One-Act Plays is due out in the Fall of 2018 by Island Studies Press. His produced plays are Art of Posing  (2014), The Abettor  (2013), The Philosopher (2012), and Chop Wood, Carry Water (2008). Cry of the Loon, is scheduled for the Summer of 2018. His short stories have appeared in the collections, Snow Softly Falling (2015) and Riptides (2012), as well as in the journals Galleon (2014, 2015) and Fiction Fix (2010). His philosophy books are Morals and Consent (2017), The Atheist’s Primer (2010), The Moral Wager (2007), Liberty Games and Contracts (2007), and Critical Reflection with Neb Kujundzic (2005).

Apart from a collection of fables, two novels (Eudaimonia, and Dissolution), and another philosophy book (Moral Puzzles), his current projects include two new plays, Ghost Decoders, and The Ginzie Project.  In the first, two prostitutes have a séance to rid a ghost who unwittingly haunts their pimp. In the second, two art dealers dissect and sell bits of an artist’s sculpture at great profit. Its theme: Who owns art?

Malcolm lives with a wife, a cat, a dog, and recently, though less agreeably, a racoon. He teaches Philosophy at the University of Prince Edward Island.