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April 04, 2017

The PARC 2017 fundraiser took place at The Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax on  April 3. Playwrights Juanita Peters, Ryan Griffiths and Charlie Rhindress each prepared a few pages of the beginning of a script, and an ensemble of four actors used the scripts provided as a starting point...

But as an added unexpected bonus, the audience members had the chance to influence the twists and turns of character and script development.  For every 2 bucks they threw in a pot, they got to add their 2 cents!  Audience members suggested lines or ideas which became part of the performance, and with the help of a dramaturge to orchestrate among the script, the actors, and the audience,  the audience was treated to "playable moments" !

Congratulations to Charlie Rhindress, the winner of PARC"s Playable Moments - and special thanks to Gillian Clark, Juanita Peters and Ryan Griffiths for playing!