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PARC Playwright Profile for March is Santiago Guzmán

March 01, 2020

Santiago Guzmán is a theatre and filmmaker from Mexico City, now based in St. John’s, NL. People have asked him so many times how that happened, and here’s the T: it was an accident. he found an opportunity to study a BFA in Theatre, and after four years, he succeeded.

He spends most of his time running around between meetings, writing plays, short films and articles, acting, talking about diversity and accessibility in the arts, going to the gym, and eating cookies. Santiago is the Artistic Director of the newly created TODOS Productions: Theatre and Film for All, an organization that seeks to promote, produce, and support work of under-represented artists in NL. He is currently developing two plays through Eastern Front Theatre's RBC Emerging Playwrights Program in Halifax, NS, and the Playwriting Unit with Paprika Festival in Toronto, ON. Both plays will be set in Newfoundland and will explore multicultural stories from this province. His work is very gay, very brown, and very real.