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PARC 2020 Playwrights’ Retreat - Last evening!

May 17, 2020

PARC 2020 Playwrights' Retreat was a remote event this year. No casual meetings in the kitchen at Anchorage House, no meet ups at Ducky's or walks around the Waterfowl Park. The playwrights, and all of us, had been in lock down since March 13, 2020.

The opportunity to focus on their writing and talk to other playwrights and their dramaturges was very welcome for this years' playwrights; they were very pleased to have company, talk shop and dream of future theatre projects.

The playwrights also had one-on-one meetiings with their peers every day and although some people expresed trepidation about the scheduled meetings, they all expressed their appreciation for that part of the Retreat at the last evening. 

It felt like the Retreat was more necessary than ever this year!