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Tomorrow is the In Their Own Words Reading of the 2019 PARC Colony!

May 15, 2019

PARC is proud to announce the annual public reading of the 2019 PARC Playwrights' Colony!

Eleven playwrights have spent the last week working and revising with their dramaturges and will read an excerpt of their work tomorrow night in the Motyer-Fancy Theatre on the Mount Allison University campus  (May 15th, 2019 ) at 7:30 pm. 

Participants of PARC's annual  Playwrights' Colony, a two week writing retreat set on the Mount Allison University campus from May 5 - 19th, 2019, have lived together on campus and worked with the support of a team of dramaturges and workshop actors for an immersive experience! The Colony provides playwrights with the time to write, to reflect and to revisit their work in a supportive and nurturing environment.

PARC's Artistic Director, Pamela Halstead, has been working along side visiting dramaturges Richie Wilcox and Ellen Peterson. The participating playwrights from across Atlantic Canada and beyond will be: Wes Babcock, Gillian Clark, Lily Falk, Ryan Griffith, Kathleen Hamilton. Sharon King-Campbell, LIndsay Kyte, Juanita Peters and Tara Taylor. They are joined by David Kennedy and Kenneth Wilson Harrington who are working on a devised theatre piece, a first for the PARC Colony.