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The Halifax Playwrights’ Cabaret!

October 02, 2017

A few photos from the evening gives you only a small picture but here they are! 


From the left are Playwrights Juanita Peters, Kathleen Hamilton, Hannah Moscovitch and Ann-Marie Kerr.


Playwright Chun Shing 'Roland' Au and performer Adrian Choong. 


PARC's Host for the evening Jamie Bradley and playwright Katerina Bakolias.


Andrew Chandler (Director of the Best Play at the Halifax Fringe Festival), playwright Sarah Jane Blenkhorn and PARC's Host for the evening, Jamie Bradley.


Musician and sound designer Andrew Collier and PARC's Artistic Director Pamela Halstead. 


Playwright Nicole O'Connor and PARC's dramaturge Don Hannah. 


Garry Williams, Co-Host of the PARC Cabaret,  musician Brendan Melchin and Playwright Laura Vingoe-Cram.