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St. John’s Playwrights’ Cabaret: Photos from the Event

November 22, 2017

Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre was proud to be part of the St.John's Playwrights' Cabaret on Monday, November 13 th at 8 PM.

Participating playwrights included Frank Barry, Robert Chafe, Andrea Cooper, Sharon King-Campbell, Ruth Lawrence, Paul Power, Kira Sheppard, Berni Stapleton, Sara Tilley Monica Walsh and Kevin Woolridge.

On the right: PARC Artistic Director Pamela Halstead and PARC member and event organizer Sara Tilley.

Leah Lewis, Ruth Lawrence, Kira Sheppard and Danielle Irvine.

Kevin Woolridge and Pat Dempsey

Andrea Dunne and Sharon King-Campbell

Pat Dempsey, Ruth Lawrence and Paul Power

Robert Chafe and Alison Woolridge