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PEI PARC Playwrights’ Pub

March 21, 2019

PEI PARC had a productive evening at their Playwrights' Pub in Charlottetown on Feb 28, 2019 - a wonderful evening of food, conversation and play reading with Works in Progress from PARC members Louise Burley and Malcolm Murray. Both playwrights will be reading from their scripts (with help) at the Island Theatre Festival on March 30th.

The next Playwrights' Pub is set for March 21st at 6:30 pm at Piatto (back room). There will be a reading of PARC member Malcolm Murray's second act of his new play and the English translation of PARC member Nadine' Salami's script. The floor is open to playwrights who would like to read a scene they are working on. These pub nights are inspiring and nice to look forward to during this long winter!

Come join the fun! For more information contact PARC PEI Representative Melissa Mullen at melissa.hallaig@gmail.com.

In first photo from the right: Matt Fox, Nadine Salami, Louise Fox Burley, Melissa Mullen, Andrew Melzer and Malcolm Murray. In photo below: Andrew Melzer, Malcolm Murray, Louise Fox Burley and Nadine Salami.