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News & Events

PARC Play Reading -  LUTZ by Ryan Griffith

November 15, 2017

Come join theatre students at the PARC library for a reading of Lutz, written by PARC member Ryan Griffith. The reading will take place in the PARC library in the Crabtree Building at Mount Allison University, Rooms B 10 and 11. Meet the Crake student intern Sabrina Stace who organizes these events, and check out the library of scripts.

"After a tremendous upset at the Olympics, figure skater Christian Miller decides it's time to go home. Casting aside his training, he heads to his family house in the backwoods of New Brunswick, hoping to reconnect with his brother, Pike. Thinking the return would bring him peace, Christian soon realizes that his old home delivers more pain than healing, and he finds himself struggling to separate memory from reality. As two interlaced stories become one, the courtship and marriage of Joe and Marta Miller and the reunion of their two sons, the haunting reality of childhood and loss strikes with a vengeance and the family is forever changed yet again"