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PARC NL Playwrights’ Cabaret and RCA Membership Drive

November 14, 2019

New plays!
Happy hour!

Come to the PARC NL Playwrights' Cabaret and RCA Membership Drive!

Thursday, November 14th from 5-7pm in the LSPU Hall Cox & Palmer Second Space for a joint event hosted by PARC and RCA, featuring short excerpts of local plays.

Hosted by PARC member Bernardine Stapleton!

Free admission, cash bar. PARC Artistic Director Pamela Halstead will be in attendance to meet and reunite with local playwrights.

RCA board members will also be there to see your faces and hear your thoughts.

The deadline to purchase an eligible membership to vote at this year’s RCA Annual General Meeting is November 19. The AGM is December 10.

Both organisations will be delighted to sign up new members.

Everyone is welcome. See you at the Hall!