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Wanda Graham


Wanda Graham is a Chalmers’ Award winner for her work as an actress at the Stratford Festival, Ontario and a Stage Door Award winner for her work at Blyth Festival, Ontario. She has a BA from Dalhousie University (Acting) and a Master of Fine Arts (Playwriting) from York University, Toronto. For five years she was Artistic Director of Stage East Theatre, Halifax and is the founder and Honourary Lifetime Member of Playwrights’ Atlantic Resource Centre. She was presented with the first Established Artist Recognition Award (Theatre) by the province of Nova Scotia and she was invited to the first Stratford Festival Playwrights’ Unit. Other playwright residencies include, Neptune Theatre, Halifax and Mulgrave Theatre, Guysborough, Nova Scotia. Her first TV documentary, MILITARY WIVES shut out shut up shut down premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival. Her screenplay WALL OF SILENCE won the Linda Joy-CBC Prize at the Atlantic Film Festival. Her radio documentary LOST IN THE MUSIC was nominated by CBC for an Atlantic Journalism Award. Her plays have had dozens of premières in Atlantic Canada and have been featured in Toronto, Montreal, Blyth Festival, Saskatchewan, Boston, Copenhagen and the Women Playwright’s International Conference, Sweden. She lives in Sambro, Nova Scotia.