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Ryan Van Horne



Ryan Van Horne is a journalist, writer, director, and playwright.

His first play, Department of Common Sense, was chosen to be part of the Theatre Arts Guild’s first Playwrights’ Festival in March 2013. A revised and expanded version was performed at the 2013 Atlantic Fringe Festival where it achieved box-office success and critical acclaim. It was on stage again in the Spring of 2014 at the Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival in Sydney in March and the Liverpool International Theatre Festival in May.

His second play, Butterscotch Palace, was performed at Playwrights@TAG in March 2015.

His fourth play, and first full-length effort, The Girl With The Golden Ear, debuted at Bedford Players in March 2017 after a PARC Home Delivery dramaturgy by Ellen Peterson.

A long-time newspaper journalist, he writes for magazines and television to pay the bills now, but loves exploring the story-telling possibilities of theatre.