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Through My Fat Eyes

Bet O'Toole
30 min
Total: 5
Female: 5

​"Through My Fat Eyes" is a series of five monologues which explore the varied forces that can sculpt a woman's self esteem. Whether responding to the play's humour, disturbing confessions, or thoughtful nostalgia, all audience members, both male and female, will probably find something that resonates with the creation of their own self image.

​This play was submitted to a competition for local playwrights and then chosen by the Saint John Theatre Company's Second Stage for performance in its production of Script Happens, a collection of three N.B. original One Act Plays.

​"Through My Fat Eyes" was produced by the Saint John Theatre Company's Script Happens in 2001. It also was accepted by the Playwright Guild of Canada's School Catalogue in 2009.

Name: Bet O"Toole
Phone: 506-674-1440
Email: betotoole@rogers.com