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The Wakowski Bros.

Wesley J. Colford
Comedy, Drama, Musical
1 hr 30 min
Total: 3
Male: 2
Female: 1

The year is 1938. Eight years after splitting the act, Canadian Vaudeville legends Jimmy and Conrad Wakowski reunite for a one night tribute performance. As the night goes on, the original skits and songs bring old demons to the surface. Jimmy's ex-wife Caitlyn joins them as painful memories and past betrayals conspire to destroy the attempt to rebuild their shattered relationship. 


original musical mixes low comedy with high stakes and heartbreak, played to the tune of an original pastiche Vaudeville score. This fictional lost story, highlighting an oft overlooked era of Canadian theatre history, sheds light on the present while cautioning against a bleak potential future full of blame and regret. There are also rubber chickens.

Produced by the Cape Breton Stage Company as part of the "Summer Nights Festival" in 2011.

Produced by Aim for the Tangent Theatre as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2012.*

* Extended as part of "Best of Fringe" 2012

Professionally debuted by Talk is Free Theatre in Barrie, ON in March 2014, directed by Richard Ouzounian.

Produced by Highland Arts Theatre in Sydney, NS as the debut production of the new venue, June 2014.

Remounted by Highland Arts Theatre in August 2014 due to popular demand.

Name: Wesley J. Colford
Email: wesleycolford@hotmail.com