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Perilous Pirate’s Daughter, The

Anne Chislett
Comedy, Musical
Total: 12
Male: 9
Female: 3
Pirate Bill Johnston and his dashing daughter Kate lead an unlikely crew of Rebels and Redcoats on a high-stakes chase from Niagara Falls to the Thousand Islands. There's music and mayhem, action and intrigue at every turn. Full of romance and adventure, The Perilous Pirate's Daughter is fun for the whole family.
Commissioned and developed by the Blyth Festival and Thousand Islands Playhouse.
Blyth Festival 2003. Thousand Islands Playhouse 2003, Station Arts Sask. 2004
Name: Anne Chislett or PGC
Phone: 709-726-0798
Email: anne.chilsett@nf.sympatico.ca