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The Old Radio Show - Down On The Farm

Susan Higgs
1 hr
Total: 12
Male: 4
Female: 5
Non-specific: 3

​This play is to be performed in the style of an old radio play.  Set in the late 1940s, early 1950s, the story is about a family gathering together for a birthday party.  But the sisters clash and nothing goes to plan; Grandmother arrives drunk, one sister discovers she's pregnant, one sister discovers love and the farmhand shoots himself in the foot.

A big part of the comedy is the visual spectacle of the sound effects people handling the props.  No electronis are required as all sound effects are manually made; eg. coconut shell halves knocked together to create the sound of horses hooves and an old tyre pushed around a tray of gravel to create the sound of a car pulling up on a gravel road..

​Written in 2012.


Name: Sue Higgs
Phone: (902) 889 2033
Email: suehiggs@eastlink.ca
Website: suehiggs.com