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Lions and the Lambs, The

Wendy A Hamilton
1 hr 35 min
Total: 4
Male: 1
Female: 3
It's a stormy March day when Jean MacMillan's two daughters arrive in preparation for her move to a nursing home. It's their last pyjama party together and what emerges tests the lines between sanity and senility, life and death, especially when Dad, dead for twenty-five years, has a say in the matter. Funny when you least expect it, packing up the family memories has never been so revealing. "A profound and potent piece of theatre." Robin Waples, The Sault Star, March 4, 1999
(under working title, The Passing) PARC MOVEABLE FEAST, Fredericton NB 1994, dramaturge, Michael Springate, PARC Home Delivery Program 1994, dramaturge Don Hannah
The Sault Theatre Workshop community theatre, 1999.
Name: W.A. Hamilton
Phone: 705-255-0675
Email: wendyahamilton@gmail.com