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The Knitting Cycle

Bet O'Toole
35 min
Total: 6
Male: 2
Female: 4

​Libby, a young teen, is very upset one night and asks her mother to teach her to knit. Her mother, at first thrilled to share this past time with her daughter, is then confused by the dark black and red random patterns Libby keeps producing. As she talks over Libby's rebellious behaviour with her friends, and further scenes illustrate this, the audience comes to realize that Libby is being abused, and it sounds like it is being done by her Uncle who has come to live with them. The gripping conclusion unravels with threads of denial, disgust, shock and revelation.

​This play was entered into a Maritime original One Act play competition sponsored by the Saint John Theatre Company for its Theatre on the Edge Festival 2010. It was selected for performance along with two others.

​This play was performed at the Saint John Theatre Company's headquarters as part of its Theatre on the Edge Festival, 2010.

Name: Bet O'Toole
Phone: 506-674-1440
Email: betotoole@rogers.com