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Jailer’s Daughter and Other Mad Fools Cracking Their Livers to Pieces for Love, The

Sara Tilley
Comedy, Drama
60 min
Total: 1
Female: 1
A text collage which uses the text of the Jailer's Daughter from Two Noble Kinsmen as a spine on which to create a portrait of love addiction in a modern age. Combining diverse texts - pschoanalytical text, harlequin romances, poetry, aphrodisiac recipes, etc, the play also includes text from a fictional online diary which Sara Tilley kept for one year under the character's name, JD. Love, lust, madness, suicide. Chocolates and candy and perfume and flowers. Brief nudity.
This play was devised collaboratively by Sara Tilley and Danielle Irvine, based on texts written and/or collected by Sara Tilley. The original text in the piece came from entries made by Sara Tilley as the character JD on an online diary for the period of a year. These entries as well as comments and advice given by other online diarists were combined with found texts to examine the overall theme of love addiction.
Produced by She Said Yes! and RCA Theatre Company SOS Series in 2003. Directed by Danielle Irvine and featuring Sara Tilley.
Name: Sara Tilley
Phone: 709-739-0702
Email: sara@saratilley.ca