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(In)complete Herstory of Women in Newfoundland (and Labrador!), The

Sara Tilley
1 hr 30 min
Total: 5
Male: 1
Female: 4
A clown show about feminist collectives, women's history, stage fright and true love. Opening night of a brand new collective creation. The senior artist is in an accident and the stage manager is forced to go on. The director is in love with the lead and the lead is obsessed with the senior artist, who might be dead, and who just might be haunting the performance. Puppets, pirates, nuns, vikings, wrestling, swing dancing, bullfighting and suffragists. This is an extremely fast-paced, funny and rapier-sharp look at what we know of women's history, feminism, and performance. It is also the story of five individual characters facing their life's greatest fears and coming out (more or less) intact.
Commissioned by Rising Tide Theatre in 2004,which resulted in a company reading. The script was further developed through RCA Theatre Company’s Write On! playwriting workshop facilitated by Berni Stapleton, 2006. It was the only Newfoundland script in the 2006 On the Verge New Works Festival, presented by the National Arts Centre in conjunction with the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, where it recieved a workshop with director Leah Cherniak, and actors Susan Kent, Martha Ross, Mary-Lynne Bernard, Amy House and Anthony Black. It was workshopped and read through the Women’s Work Festival 2007 (She Said Yes!, White Rooster and RCA Theatre), with dramaturge Lois Brown, and actors Sherry White, Mary-Lynne Bernard, Ruth Lawrence, Sandy Gow and Robert Chafe.
To be co-produced by She Said Yes! and RCA Theatre Company in the spring of 2009, St. John's. Co-direction by Sara Tilley and Lois Brown, and featuring Susan Kent, Ruth Lawrence, Sara Tilley, Lois Brown and Craig Francis Power.
Name: Sara Tilley
Phone: 709-739-0702
Email: sara@saratilley.ca