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Goose Girl, The

Gary Blackwood
60 min
Total: 6
Female: 3
Non-specific: 1
Based on the classic Grimm Bros. tale. Queen Ysabel of Oldmark sends her daughter, Princess Jorinda, to marry King Ferdinand of Eastphalia, in order to seal an alliance between the two kingdoms. Elsa, an ambitious and devious maid in waiting, leads Jorinda to believe that her future husband is ill-tempered and ill-favored, and convinces the princess to trade roles: Elsa poses as the bride, and Jorinda is given a position as a lowly goose girl. Ferdinand, of course, proves to be neither ill-tempered nor ugly, but Jorinda can't confess the truth, for fear of endangering the alliance.
None. Winner of the Marilyn Hall Award from Beverly Hills Theatre Guild.
Name: Gary L. Blackwood
Email: gblackwood@hotmail.com