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The Field Trip

Bet O'Toole
35 min
Total: 8
Male: 2
Female: 6

​Five senior citizens are going on a field trip when their bus breaks down, and they choose to wait in a local tavern. Complicated by one senior who punctuates the dialogue with seemingly irrelevant outbursts, another who is learning English through songs and when triggered by a word will burst into song, (totally mixing up lyrics), a back country gal and a five time divorcee, things get pretty heated up when 2 redneck patrons decide to have themselves a good time with the ladies.

​This play was entered into a Saint John Theatre Company's Second Stage competition for local playwrights. After narrowing down the field to 6 plays, it was read by volunteers and adjudicated by 3 well known SJTC members and then selected to be one of the three chosen for production.

​"The Field Trip" was produced, along with 2 other One Act plays, by the Saint John Theatre Company at the Mary Oland Theatre at the N.B. Museum in 2008.

Name: Bet o'Toole
Phone: 506-674-1440
Email: betotoole@rogers.com