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Spelling 2-5-5

55 min
Total: 4
Male: 2
Female: 2

Spelling 2-5-5 is the story of 12 year old Simon and his 10 year old autistic brother, Jake. Jake loves comic books and can draw exact scaled drawings of buildings after seeing them for only a minute. Yet he cannot tie his shoelaces or read. He also has frequent meltdowns. Simons often feels embarrassed by Jake’s odd behaviour and is resentful of the time and attention his mother gives him. Simon is always being told to ‘Watch out for your brother.’ But when auditions for a reality tv spelling show are announced, Simon, an excellent speller, sees his opportunity to shine and have something ‘just for me’ But unbeknownst to everyone, Jake possesses an unusual ability to spell using numbers that threatens Simon’s chances at fame. Simon has to decide if he can share the spotlight with his autistic brother. In the end, Simon comes to appreciate his brother for the unique and talented individual he is, and becomes a proud advocate for him as he encourages others to think of Jake not as ‘disabled’ but ‘differently abled.’ The play, intended for families and school audiences grades 4 – 8, carries many important messages and addresses many themes, including autistic children and their families, being different, bullying, developing moral standards, and of course, spelling and literacy! 

Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre's Playwright's Colony 2008; Playwright's Atlantic Resource Centre Home Delivery Program 2009; Carousel Players workshop 2010; Carousel Players workshop 2011.​

Premiere Carousel Players 2012; tour to Eastern Front Theatre's SuperNova Theatre Festival 2012; remount and extensive Nova Scotia school tour planned 2013/14; SanLin production scheduled for 2013/14; Children's Theatre of Charlotte, North Carolina production and tour slated for 2013/14 season.​

Name: Jennifer Overton
Phone: 902-852-3573
Email: joverton@ns.sympatico.ca