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Roll Up Your Sleeves For Victory (WWII)

Susan Higgs
12 min
Total: 13
Female: 12
Non-specific: 1

​This light comedy is set in a munitions factory back room where the ladies are having a coffee break.  The year is 1942 and WWII is in full swing.

It covers war rationing, censoring of letters and soldiers' rations.  May has baked some cookies, but because of rationing, there isn't enough to round.  Jean has a date with an American sailor and her friend Bev draws lines up the back of her legs to simulate stockings.  Bren has just got engaged, but her finance has left Halifax to go and fight in the war. 

The ladies fantasise about doing more glamorous work: joining the Army, the Airforce or the Wrens, but they know they are needed at home.

​Written for the Easter Shore Players 2013.

​Performed by the Eastern Shore Players at the Memory Lane Heritage Centre WWII Encampment Weekend and again at the Bicentennial Theatre, Middle Musquodoboit (Afternoon Theatre & Tea) the week before Memorial Day 2013.

Performed with "A Snapshot of Home" and "Free A Man For Service AT Sea" (also WWII plays).  Feedback from the audience was that the 3 plays were informative and entertaining.  So these could be suitable for a school reading or production.

Name: Sue Higgs
Phone: (902) 889 2033
Email: suehiggs@eastlink.ca
Website: suehiggs.com