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Rabbit Moon: A Tale of Japan

Sarah Jane Blenkhorn
50 min
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​Was it a whim, or an act of desperation?

Whatever the cause, it propelled Rabbit across the globe to a little city far from the bright lights of Tokyo, in a famously damp corner of Japan. In surroundings that are welcoming, surreal and alienating by turns, she tries to shed her personal history and create a renewed sense of self. Through storytelling, poetry and music, Rabbit takes you with her on her sojourn in the 'land of the gods.'

First staged September 3-11, 2016 as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival at TNS’s The Living Room, Halifax, NS


“A moving one-woman show! Thanks to Sarah Jane

Blenkhorn for sharing the journey!”

 “What a well-written piece! Great acting,

physicality and humour...make sure you see it!”

“if you have ever decided to leave all that is

familiar and start again, if you have ever felt like an oddity in a new normal, if you have ever found a place or people who have opened your soul up to new things and aspects of yourself that surprise even you... or if you just like charming shows about people adapting to new cultures, maybe check out Rabbit Moon: A Tale of Japan...”

“...captured my attention throughout,

and had me both laughing and moved to tears...”

 “So honest and smart... The writing is

simple, tight, revealing...”

“Beautiful, heartfull.” 

“...an incredibly entertaining, touching, honest

piece of theatre.”

Name: Sarah Jane Blenkhorn
Phone: 19022103393
Email: sarah_jane_blenkhorn@yahoo.com