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Puss in Boots

1 hr 10 min
Total: 9
Male: 6
Female: 3

Left only a pair of second-hand boots by his father, and rejected by his boorish older brother, Jack sets out to win the hand of the princess Gwendolyn with the help of his resourceful cat who has gratefully taken possession of the boots. Threats posed by an ogre who lives nearby, the helpless predicament of the royal party as they travel through the ogre's territory, and Jack's stumbling attempts to woo Gwendolyn are handled neatly by the clever Puss.

Commissioned by David Renton for Portus Productions in .... 

​​​A Christmas musical, co-written with Ray Whitley and Jim Bennett, originally staged by Portus Productions in Halifax in .....  The show starred Walter Borden as Puss, .... and a young George Elliott Clarke as a skateboarding Page.

Name: Mark DeWolf
Phone: 9024522989
Email: mark@jmdewolf.com
Website: www.jmdewolf.com