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Pizza Passion

Wesley J. Colford
Comedy, Drama
1 hr 30 min
Total: 3
Male: 2
Female: 1

​A young man, Brett, raises money to go to Business College by working for the summer at a locally owned pizza place: Pop's Pizza. The owner, Pop (an old family friend), takes Brett under his wing and teaches him the secrets of the pizza parlour profession. However, when Brett  falls for the cash girl, Danielle, he must choose between moving away to live out the dreams of his late father, or following his passion as a singer/songwriter in his Renaissance/Ska tribute band "Antic Disposition". 

A deep dish romantic comedy about trying new things and trusting the things you love. Minimal cheese.

​Produced by the Cape Breton Stage Company in 2010 as part of the Summer Night Theatre Festival.

Remounted by the Cape Breton Stage Company in 2013 as part of a "Best of" Summer Nights Season.

Name: Wesley J. Colford
Email: wesleycolford@hotmail.com