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Mark Blagrave
Comedy, Drama
1 hr 45 min
Total: 4
Male: 2
Female: 2

Nomentacke is about the elusive moment of wonder at first contact with the unfamiliar, that moment before we begin to apply past experience and accustomed models to shape and colour our relationship with the new. Virginia-Company-member William Strachey, penniless in London in 1612, tries his hand at writing— in order to pay the bills. Aided by his former lover, now the wife of the secretary of the Virginia Company, and assisted by a young woman disguised as a male clerk, Strachey progresses from producing an edition of the laws proclaimed at Jamestown through devising a dictionary of the Powhatan language to an attempt to write a play based on his experiences when shipwrecked in Bermuda. This last project fails as he discovers that Shakespeare has beaten him to the starting-line. Despite the machinations of rival playwright Ben Jonson, Strachey is offered a hope of redemption through the love of Jordan,the clerk.


​PARC Kitchen Table program and afternoon workshop with Mount Allison students Spring 2009

​NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival at the Playhouse, Fredericton, 29-31 July 2009. 

Name: Mark Blagrave
Phone: 506-814-1112
Email: mark.blagrave@gmail.com