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Wendy A Hamilton
Comedy, Drama
Total: 5
Male: 3
Tom Woolrich, age 42, father of three, husband, son and steelworker, liked his life just fine until "the system" yanked his job out from under him. Now Tom, emotionally paralyzed, has retreated to his lazy boy chair with his memories, his beer fridge and reel to reel of 70's rock and roll to try to face his greatest fear: change. "..a humour that sets off the secret inner chuckle of self-recognition and discovery that cuts too deeply to allow a belly laugh. A brilliant script." Hugh Fraser, Hamilton Spectator, Jan 24, 2000
Great Canadian Theatre Company, 1997, staged reading: director Kate Hurman, Albert Theatre Projects PlayRites 1994, platform, director Michael Devine, PARC MOVEABLE FEAST PEI 1993, dramaturge Judith Rudakoff, Brave New Words Fredericton 1992, dramaturge Sheldon Rosen
Theatre Aquarius, 2001, director Paul Rivers, Theatre in Motion, Sault Ste. Marie 1998
Name: W.A. Hamilton
Phone: 705-255-0675
Email: wendyahamilton@gmail.com