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Heart of Steel

Wesley J. Colford
Comedy, Musical
2 hrs
Total: 20
Male: 8
Female: 12

​For half a century, the Sydney Steel Plant produced the finest steel in the world. Men and women from 32 nations travelled to Cape Breton to work at the plant. But when WW2 calls our young men away, who will step up to take their place? Based on true events and interviews, this new musical comedy sheds light on a Canadian powerhouse of the industrial age and the first step towards women's rights during the total war of 1939.

​Dramaturgy provided by PARC's home delivery service in 2015, dramaturgy by Scott Sharplin.

​Produced by Highland Arts Theatre, Sydney, NS, March 2015. Directed by Wesley J. Colford.

Name: Wesley J. Colford
Phone: (902) 565-3637
Email: wesleycolford@hotmail.com