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God’s Middle Name

Jennifer Overton
1 hr 30 min
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An evocative parable of crashing into the unknown and accepting the unknowable, God’s Middle Name is a compelling tale of one mother’s journey through the uncharted territory of raising an autistic child.  Along the way are flights of fancy and an abundance of humour, told in non-chronological snapshots in different story styles. Written with unflinching honesty, sensitivity, and a lightness of touch, this powerfully moving show explores the struggles and celebrations of the many challenges life throws in our path. Written by the author of Snapshots of Autism: A Family Album.

In Good Company Theatre​

In Good Company production premiered at Eastern Front Theatre's now named SuperNova Festival 2006; Magnetic North Theatre Festival 2007; Canadian national tour 2008-2010; published Scirocco Press 2010; SanLin Productions 2012; Nightwood Theatre's Groundswell Festival 2013.​

Name: Jennifer Overton
Phone: 902-852-3573
Email: joverton@ns.sympatico.ca