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Free A Man For Service At Sea (WWII)

Susan Higgs
35 min
Total: 15
Male: 2
Female: 13

​This is a light comedy set in a Halifax Wrens' recruitment office during WWII.  The Wrens were established in Halifax in early 1942 and attracted women and girls from all walks of life; farm girls, debutantes, students and factory workers.

Officer Leonard is a stickler for the rules, but welcomes a dithering Officer Clark as her assistant, just as long as Officer Clark remembers to begin each sence with 'Officer Leonard' when she is addressing her.

Several women pass through their recruitment door one morning.  Most are sent for medicals, but a few are sent packing.

​Written in 2013 specifically for the Memory Lane Heritage Centre.

​Performed by the Eastern Shore Players at the memory Lane Heritage Centre Variety Show and at the Bicentennial Theatre Afternoon Theatre & Tea, Middle Musquodoboit the week before Memorial day 2013. 

Performed with "A Snapshot of Home" and "Roll Up Your Sleeves For Victory"  (also WWII plays).  Feedback from the audience indicated they found the 3 plays both educational and entertaining.  So these could be suitable for a school production.

Name: Sue Higgs
Phone: (902) 889 2033
Email: suehiggs@eastlink.ca
Website: suehiggs.com