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Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar?

Wesley J. Colford
Comedy, Drama
35 min
Total: 6
Male: 3
Female: 3

​A boy's quest to sell the most chocolate bars and win a school contest is interrupted by a mysterious stranger who suspects the boy is not all that he seems. A dark chocolate comedy about the absurdity of life and perfectionism in art. 

Winner of Tarragon Theatre's "Under 20 by Under 20's Playwriting Competition" in 2010

​Produced by the Cape Breton Stage Company as part of the "Stage Company Hits the Streets" Site Specific Festival in 2009

​Produced by the Paprika Festival at the Tarragon Near Studio in 2011.

​Co-produced by the Paprika Festival and Don't Panic Productions as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2011.

Name: Wesley J. Colford
Email: wesleycolford@hotmail.com