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Florence Gibson MacDonald
55 min
Total: 2
Female: 2

​Two pregnant women, trapped in a stalled elevator after visiting their gynecologist, duke it out about motherhood, babies and their respective place in the world. Pam is a burned out mother of 4, Mop is a young woman whose life is so marginal she is not sure she even wants a baby. They are both searching for a place to stand in the world, and all they seem to have in common is the ten by ten foot square in the elevator.

​Madrigal Theatre Company

​1991- Toronto and Edmonton Fringe Festivals

1995 - Winnipeg Fringe Festival

1997- Theatreworks, Victoria, BC

2002 - The Curtain Club, Toronto

Name: Charles Northcote, Core Group Literary
Phone: 416-466-4929
Email: charlesnorthcote@rogers.com