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Ed & Ed’s B & B - Where You’re a Stranger but Once

Jeff Pitcher
1 hr 40 min
Total: 5
Male: 3
Female: 2

‚ÄčThe Eds are back! The third play in the Ed & Ed trilogy and the Eds have moved lock, stock and barrel back to Cow Head, Newfoundland to cash in on the 'Cultural Tourism' wave crashing over the province by opening up their very own Bed & Breakfast! Complications quickly surface when young Ed falls in love, old Ed's ex-wife returns with some BIG news and all are thrown into madness with the arrival of a mysterious mainland tourist who's lost his way.

‚ÄčPremiered at Theatre Newfoundland Labrador's 2010 Gros Morne Theatre Festival where it played for two seasons.

Name: Jeff Pitcher
Phone: (604) 986-7558
Email: jppitcher@shaw.ca
Website: www.jeffpitcher.ca