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Butterscotch Palace

Ryan Van Horne
35 min
Total: 3
Male: 1
Female: 2

Set at the old Cape Breton Hospital in Sydney River in 1955, an empathetic cleaner finds a kindred spirit in a patient who is institutionalized after several tragic events in her life. As the bond between the two women grows, they must deal with the challenges of an unethical and powerful doctor. The play touches on the importance of compassion, family support, and the value of music therapy as a means of building immunity against and curing some forms of mental illness. Lead character (cleaner) sings and plays guitar and fiddle while patient sings. Play features two songs.

​Originally conceived in March 2014, the first draft of the script was completed in January 2015. After a reading with three cast members of original production, the script was revised and workshopped to prepare for two-day playwrights' festival at Theatre Arts Guild.

​Performed on March 20 and 21, 2015 as part of the Theatre Arts Guild's Playwrights@TAG festival.

Name: Ryan Van Horne
Phone: 902-479-7342
Email: vanhorne.ryan@gmail.com
Website: ryanvanhorne.com