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All A Twitter

Susan Higgs
Comedy, Drama
1 hr 30 min
Total: 21
Male: 10
Female: 10
Non-specific: 1

​Just as the title suggests, the birds are all a twitter.  Shelby is a Bluejay and Sean is a Crow.  Not a problem, except that Shelby and Sean want to get married.  When Shelby's Pa withdraws his consent for the marriage, saying birds of a feather should flock together, Shelby is distraught because she's just discovered she's pregnant.

The last thing Shelby wants to do is tell Pa she's in a fix and Ma agrees they should keep the truth frm Pa Alan.  But they need to change his mind about tomorrow's wedding and don't know how to go about it.

When Ma's parents arrive for the wedding, Grandma reveals that years ago Grandpa didn't want Ma Judy to marry Pa Alan because his family were from the wrong side of the tracks.

Shock turns to delight on hearing this secret, because Ma decides she can use this information agains Pa Alan in the hope of changing his mind about the wedding.

The play has a host of colourful characters, being mostly friends and family gathering around for the wedding.  This includes Aunt Brenda who is always looking for food; the flambouyantly French Grandma Chantel and Old Snipe, who preaches about old-fashioned principles.

​Written in 2013


Name: Sue Higgs
Phone: (902) 889 2033
Email: suehiggs@eastlink.ca
Website: suehiggs.com