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Hear what Atlantic Canada has to say about PARC, our services and our presence in the community.

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“Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre provides a service to playwrights, which theatre companies are unable to furnish, but companies are able to take the completed or nearly completed work and provide a production opportunity. Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre is an essential first stage in this process. Writers need the opportunity that PARC can provide.”
— Linda Moore

“There is nothing more life changing for a playwright than support. PARC has found efficient,effective and I think inexpensive programs to offer support across the board to both new and experienced playwrights from our region.”
— Wanda Graham

“In the west, we often wonder why so many terrific plays and playwrights come out of Atlantic Canada. Why are so many of the winners of the Governor General’s award from Atlantic Canada we ask? There is no doubt in my mind that the excellent work that PARC has done under the leadership of Jenny Munday is a key ingredient to this formula. It develops and supports the work of emerging and established artists alike.”
— Heather Inglis

“PARC is the only organization that by it’s mandate, is designed to support playwrights in Atlantic Canada. And it does a damn, fine job of it.”
— Evan Brown

“I like to think of the work PARC does as an important, independent “research and development wing” of the Atlantic Canadian theatre scene. Independence means a “purity” in the process in that playwrights write about the things they are truly passionate about. And passion is the wellspring of all great art. PARC’s services are essential if we are to nurture our writers.”
— Scott Burke